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Our Core

Below average performing students faced with learning barriers. Students who have been subject to bullying or have bullied in some way. Students who site bullying as an issue in their environment and have interest to discover alternatives.


Education: To improve educational outcomes, by increasing school engagement, school attendance, and directly addressing social and emotional barriers that lead to poor performance.

Wellness & Safety: To improve the safety of the school-setting, by discouraging bullying and bringing awareness to anti-bullying tactics, while supporting prevention initiatives that mitigate youth violence both during school hours and after hours.

College/Career Prep: To improve student outlook on future endeavors, by equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed, be it researching programs and institutions, developing business models, or understanding credentials needed for specific fields.

Leadership and Communication: To build strong leaders in the fight against bullying and violence, by providing a platform by which the students can share with peers and educate their communities on these issues. And to create secure opportunities for networking, public speaking and personal branding before peers, faculty, parents/guardians, program facilitators and public figures.

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